Norton Electra Wiring Diagram + Reg/Rec

Grant Tiller

Colour Wiring Diagram

I recently posted an updated wiring diagram for the Norton Electra – taking the factory standard drawing, colorizing it and making the layout of the components simpler to follow on paper.

The drawing was a faithful reproduction of the original, and contained no alterations or aftermarket upgrades.

It can be found here

Charging System ‘Upgrade’

A very popular upgrade for the Norton Electra is to fit a single phase Lucas alternator stator, and aftermarket combined regulator/rectifier.

This is an “A REG ONE” unit from Al Osborn at AO Services.

Grant Tiller

Al Osborne is the Norton Owners Club “Electrical Technical Advisor” – I am calling out Al over and above others in this article, as he is a Norton Lightweight Twin owner himself, and is a wealth of useful information and a big contributor to the community.

The installation instructions for fitting the “A REG ONE” can be found here

Grant Tiller

Wiring Diagram

Below is a simplified wiring diagram that incorporates the aftermarket regulator/rectifier.

Two things to note:

  1. I have wired the reg/rec in so that the ammeter shows charge/discharge – many people will just wire the reg/rec directly to the positive and negative terminals of the battery.
    That’s fine, but it means the ammeter won’t swing to show the affect of the alternator.
  2. I have added a separate fuse on the reg/rec output – this is, at least in my eyes, best practice.
    If there is an issue with the alternator stator or the reg/rec you have fuse protection, yet still stand a decent chance of getting home.
    Again, others will choose not to do this.

Here is the wiring diagram.

Norton Electra 400cc twin from Feb 1963 wiring diagram with aftermarket regulator/rectifier PNG 3066 x 1841

Grant Tiller

This is available as a PDF too – it can be downloaded here.

Grant Tiller

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