Audi A6 Cup Holder

Grant Tiller

This weekend, I came up with a brilliant solution to the woefully inadequate cupholders that are fitted as standard to my 2013 Model Year (C7 4G) Audi A6!

Grant Tiller

This simple, and inexpensive modification involves getting the Costa (most preferred Coffee and more ethical in terms of paying tax in the UK when compared to Starbucks) four-way cardboard cupholder and jamming the two unoccupied ports under the armrest. It works like an absolute charm!

The standard Audi cupholders have two main issues:

  • The size – the holders are so small that they crush the cup walls in – in the past this has made the cup itself spring a leak on more than one occasion.
  • The two holders are so close together that the cups cannot be inserted straight – the jaunty angle makes the contents spill out, or even worse, one of the lids will come off completely – neither is desirable.
Grant Tiller

Come on Audi… this is a premium marque and the majority of A6 owners I am sure are road warriors that actually use their cupholders!!!

I used to have a similar issue in my 2011 S4 (B8) so used the cupholders in the rear armrest instead.

Imagine my horror and disgust when I discovered (after purchase) that my A6 had no cupholders in the back 🙁

I think the OEM rear cupholders can be retrofitted, so that may be something to do in the future.

In the meantime though, my thanks go to Costa Coffee!!!

Grant Tiller

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