Custom Norton Commando Wiring Diagram (Steve Black)

Grant Tiller

This is a custom wiring diagram for Steve Black aka “raleighmodel6” from the Access Norton Forum

Steve has some good mods fitted to his Commando.

Electric Start

Probably the star of the show is the Colorado Norton Works Electric Start Conversion.

Grant Tiller

This really makes the bike worry free to ride in today’s traffic. no more panicking when you stall at the lights, just press the button and be on your way!

Electronic Ignition

A popular upgrade in the late 70s and early 80s is the Lucas RITA electronic ignition system.

Grant Tiller

Easily spotted on the Norton Commando, the Lucas RITA needed a larger points cover to house the large “reluctor” plate.

Lucas RITA units are no longer in production, but a popular source for spares and repairs here in the UK is Rex’s Speedshop


Like many, Steve has fitted a Podtronics regulator/rectifier unit in lieu of the zener, rectifier and capacitor along with a 3 phase alternator for better charging in stop/go traffic.

One of the most common upgrades or modifications for a classic british bike is to add a combined regulator/rectifier unit.

Our Commandos use a blue can capacitor, zener diode (which can be found mounted on the back of the z-plate) and rectifier unit.

A combined regulator/rectifier replaces all of these components with one package.

The most common manufacturer of these is Podtronics.

Grant Tiller

There are five wires to connect:

  • Three Yellows – since there is an additional wire to run (factory standard is set up for single phase) I suggest running three new wires from the alternator stator to the reg/rec.
  • The Red – this is the Positive output and will join to the red wire if you are using existing wiring (it goes straight to the ground/earth of the frame)
  • The Black – this is the Negative output (known as the hot wire) – it will pick up on the Brown/Blue wire (which goes via a fuse straight to the battery negative terminal)

Charge Warning Light

Grant Tiller

Steve has fitted a SparkBright voltage monitor in lieu of the unreliable warning light assimilator.

Steve has also fitted twin horns on his bike – a great safety addition.

In order to lighten the load going through the handlebar switchgear, the twin horns operate via a relay.

Wiring Diagram

Here is the electrical wiring diagram for Steve’s bike:

Custom Norton Commando Wiring Diagram – Steve Black PNG 3066×1841

Grant Tiller

2 replies

  1. Very nice wiring set up. Close to what I’m planning for my Mk3. I already have fitted Pazon ignition, three phase alternator and fitted solid state rectifier/regulator. Modified existing wiring to suit. Now I want to fully rewire eliminating, unused wires, head light simulator (Canadian spec) adding Sparkbright voltage monitoring, fuses (4) and relays (ignition, head light and horn). Eliminate under tank connectors, use modern waterproof connectors for handlebar switch harnesses etc, and wired earth. All pretty much included in the various diagrams you have published.
    Thanks for the inspiration

    • Hi Graham – great to hear from you!

      I have had a lot of feedback about the wiring diagrams – main thing has been “yeah, that’s great but where is the MKIII)

      So i have been working on building a set of MKIII drawings, which will be published later today!!!

      Hopefully these will help you!


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