Custom Norton Commando Wiring Diagram (Mike Ryan)

Grant Tiller

Mike Ryan reached out through the Norton commando facebook group looking for ideas on how to simplify the wiring on his 1972 Commando Street Tracker project.

So to help him with ideas, I set about stripping out anything and everything that wasn’t needed.

Note: JULY 2021 this page has been updated to include some pictures and details of Mike’s amazing bike now it is finished.

Bike Specifications

2010 Matching numbers. Modified rear hoop and main hoop from tank rear to allow correct seat positioning – Fully ‘T’ sectioned internally for maximum rigidity.
Other various and minor mods to accept necessary parts.
Swing arm modified to incorporate spindle pinch bolts.
Adjustable Isolastics.
Finished in 015 Silver

Roadster tank with subtle modifications to lower rear corners.
Seat unit is hand made in mild steel, double skinned where needed with rolled edges.
Lower edges run in parallel to ground to match tank lower edge for consistent visual side profile.

Oil tank side panel has a forward locating pin instead of a bolt so it is hidden.

Upholstery is Hand made by ‘Skin Up’ with unique industrial silver stitching.

Painted in a one off Star Burst Deep Purple paint with bold silver back bone stripe with corresponding pinstripes.
All carried out by a very well known Super Car body expert.

Wheels and Tyres
Yamaha RD400 Mags.
Standard Commando front spindle with machined spacers and caps as necessary. Rear spindle machined in the correct grade steel with spacers etc to accept Commando wheel nuts.

Standard Commando with all mudguard lugs removed.
Top spacers in same diameter as stanchion’s to allow for unused clock holders. Uprated rear shocks.

Yamaha Discs and Commando calipers with all new stainless pistons and end caps.
Front master cylinder is Honda CR250.
Rear caliper has a standard Commando cable with an altered pivot point going to a Triumph EFi Thruxton frame mounted master cylinder.
Braided Hoses.

Black cases, barrels and heads/carbs.
Fully rebuilt with Superblends and Hepolite pistons etc etc

Big Bore Commando Pipes with internal 6” mutes and dual skinned shark fin tips


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Wiring Diagram

Here is the wiring diagram for Mike’s Street Tracker Commando.

Custom Norton Commando Wiring Diagram – Mike Ryan PNG 3066×1841

Grant Tiller

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