Norton Commando Wiring Diagram + Electrex World

Grant Tiller

Several people are looking at the Electrex World STK-102D-DC kit with a view to fitting to their Commando.

Proceed with caution – it’s not a simple swap, and you may not be getting what you are expecting from the solution.

Here is a copy of the Electrex World STK-102D-DC instructions:

Grant Tiller

Here is a copy of the Electrex World STK-102D-DC troubleshooting guide:

Grant Tiller

The CDI unit is manufactured by Horse Power Ignition

Here is a copy of the HPI 068C041 CDI unit instructions:

Grant Tiller

There is a great video on YouTube which was made by Classic British Spares

You can see the video by clicking here:

Grant Tiller

Here follows the Norton Commando wiring diagrams – as usual, broken down into Pre-1971, 1971 and 1972 onwards – hopefully someone will find this useful:

Pre-1971 (ammeter in the headlight shell and Wipac Tricon type handlebar switch) PNG 3066×1841

Grant Tiller

1971 (three wires to the master switch) PNG 3066×1841

Grant Tiller

1972 onwards (four wires to the master switch) PNG 3066×1841

Grant Tiller


A couple of points about the way these diagrams have been drawn:

  1. Where the same colour wire goes in to and out of a single connector, that connector has usually been omitted from the drawing.
    It’s obvious on the bike, is easy to spot and easy to troubleshoot.
    Leaving them off the diagrams makes them a LOT easier to read, and considerably less cluttered.
  2. Wherever the earth or ground side of a component goes back to the battery, the drawing shows a red earth symbol:
    Grant Tiller
    In reality, this could be connected either to a red wire in the bike’s wiring harness (loom) OR it could be attached to the frame or engine of the bike.

    I have shown the red earth symbol each time in order to massively simplify the diagram, and make it a lot easier to understand for everyone.

    I have also coloured them red as a gentle reminder that these bikes are wired positive earth!

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