Custom Norton MK3 Commando Wiring Diagram (Tim Jarboe)

Grant Tiller

This is a custom wiring diagram for Tim Jarboe from the Access Norton Forum – he goes under the name “smokeater”

Electronic Ignition

Tim has fitted a Tri-Spark electronic ignition to his bike.

Grant Tiller

3 phase Alternator

He’s also fitted a 3 phase Lucas alternator – a great choice for superior charging in modern traffic conditions.

Grant Tiller


He is also in the process of fitting the superb Shindengen SH775 regulator/rectifier – a sensible choice if you are going to fit a lithium-based battery.

Grant Tiller


In lieu of the twin 6 volt coils, Tim has gone with the dual output single tower coil from Colorado Norton Works (it’s the brilliant Crane Cams unit)

Grant Tiller

Wiring Diagram

Here is the Wiring Diagram for Tim’s bike.

Custom Norton MK3 Commando Wiring Diagram – Tim Jarboe PNG 3066×1841

Grant Tiller

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