Lucas/Wassell 1968-69 Norton Commando Main Harness

Grant Tiller

Wassell make a great wiring loom for the Norton Commando.

This time we are looking at Lucas Part Number 54956250 which is listed as being for the 1968-69 Commando.

Wassell sell this item under the Lucas name, as they have licensed the rights to use the name for some of the classic motorcycle parts.

An excerpt from the Wassell website about this licensing deal is as follows:

In 2014, Wassell acquired the licence for the Lucas brand from Lucas Industries Limited, for Classic Motorcycle parts. In conjunction with Lucas, an extensive product development programme for Classic Motorcycle parts was initiated, to once again, establish Lucas as a market leader within the industry. Further information is available at

In 2019, Wassell acquired the extended licence for Lucas Classic products, and Girling products worldwide, for Classic motorcycles. The Lucas Classic programme launched in 2019, and included the Lucas Classic Car, Lucas Classic Landrover, and Lucas Classic Motorcycle divisions.

The Wassell history page is an interesting read, and I urge you to take a look!

Grant Tiller

However, since the very beginning, the “Installation Plan” on their website which is also handily printed in colour and included in the packaging when you buy the item is actually wrong.

Grant Tiller

Here is the original “Installation Plan”

Grant Tiller

I have highlighted the wire that is incorrectly coloured:

Grant Tiller

This is the corrected version of the “Installation Plan”

Grant Tiller

I have contacted Wassell about this a couple of times in the past, as I have helped a few people that have run in to issues.

However, it has fallen on deaf ears, and several years on they still have not changed it.

Hopefully this will help someone somewhere!!!!

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