Greg Marsh Enterprises – Custom Wiring Diagram

Grant Tiller

Greg Marsh from the Access Norton forum reached out to ask for some assistance with a wiring diagram.

Greg has already modified the original Bill Turnbull diagram (which you can find right here to accommodate some of the changes he has made. However, I have since made several changes and edits to Bill’s original (as well as covering the older models)

Greg has actually done all the work already, designed and built a superb, bespoke wiring loom.

He has documented it all in great detail over on his website, which you can find here.

The purpose of building a Wiring Diagram after the event is to help others that want to follow Greg’s superb example!

Greg has done the usual thing and swapped in a modern regulator/rectifier in lieu of zener diode and lucas rectifier (Greg has chosen to retain the capacitor).

In addition, he has chosen to go up the electronic ignition route in lieu of points, condenser pack and ballast resistor.

Greg has gone for Podtronics and Tri-Spark – probably the most popular retrofit upgrade options.

However, it is some of the other upgrades and optimisations here that Greg has made in order to give simplicity and reliability that has really piqued my interest!

For example, he has removed the main connector block found under the fuel tank – a popular home for many faults and unreliability.

Wherever possible Greg has removed the bullet connectors, choosing to wire from the connector of the component itself straight in to the wiring loom.

He has run a 14 gauge red wire from front to back, splicing in to it wherever a component needs a ground. This negates the unreliability of using the frame as a ground, and relying on painted/rusted surfaces for electrical conductivity.

All of his joints are soldered and heat shrinked, and i am very impressed with the quality of his work.

It’s well worth popping over to his website to see how he’s done it!

So without further ado, here is the Wiring Diagram!

Greg Marsh Enterprises – Custom Wiring Diagram PNG 3066×1841

Grant Tiller

Greg says on his website “It might sound strange, but I like wiring Vintage British Motorcycles!”

It might sound really, really strange, but I really enjoyed helping out by putting this wiring diagram together!

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