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  1. Hi Grant, great looking Domiracer! I’ve nearly completed a similar build and wondered if you would mind me asking some questions about yours?


      • Hi Grant, I have another question 🙂 I’ve had the bike running last week and all seemed good. I did have an issue with the KS shaft but this is now resolved.

        So rolled outside this weekend to fire up again. When I came to start the bike I had no spark. It has a blue box Boyer Micro-Power and the Micro-Power coil setup and the loom is all rigged negative earth. Battery reading 12.8v

        I tested the coil, primary side and secondary side as per the Boyer docs and did the well known test of touching the Blk/Yl and Blk/Wht wires together with power to see if I got a spark.

        I got no spark doing the test on on the Boyer. The secondary side of the coil read 2.62ohms and the primary seemed to read 0.06. If I take into account the leads of the meter (0.06) it seems the coil may now be duff but not sure.

        I am now starting to wonder if I have messed up when I hooked up my kill button as part of my loom and that may have fried the coil or the box! Given the setup is negative earth I hooked up the kill button to the black wire on the coil as I’ve seen this detailed in various diagrams but now I’m beginning to wonder if thats right and I’ve made an expensive mistake.

        I did note you post on the NOC site that said push button kill switches are a no-no all round really.

        So in summary, I’m not sure if I have had a problem “develop” or if its of my own making. When the bike was running the other day it ran sweet as a nut as it did before I did any of my other work

        Any advice you may be able to offer would be greatly appreciated.



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