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April 6, 2020

Custom Norton MK3 Commando Wiring Diagram – Graham Tiller

by Grant Tiller
Grant Tiller

This is a custom wiring diagram for Graham Tiller – MY DAD 🙂


We have fitted a Tri-Spark electronic ignition to his bike.

Grant Tiller


We also fitted a 3 phase Lucas alternator – a nice choice for superior charging in modern traffic conditions.

Grant Tiller

We also fitted the superb Shindengen SH775 regulator/rectifier – it’s the only way i’d ever dream of fitting a lithium-based battery to a bike.

Grant Tiller


Talking of batteries, we went large!

We fitted a Shorai LFX36L3-BS12

It is 36 Ah (or the lead acid equivalent) – but more importantly it has 540CCA (cold cranking amps)

It turns the engine over like the plugs aren’t in it!

Grant Tiller


We also fitted Colorado Norton Works handlebar switches (modified Honda units) because we fitted a Brembo brake master cylinder and ‘matching’ Magura clutch lever so were no longer bound to the original switchgear.

Grant Tiller   Grant Tiller


In lieu of the twin 6 volt coils, We have gone with the dual output single tower coil from Colorado Norton Works (it’s the brilliant Crane Cams unit) and looks much neater.

Grant Tiller


The final thing worth noting is the Charge Warning Light.

Grant Tiller

The nice thing about the Improving Classic Motorcycles unit is that you can retain the original warning light – so it looks totally factory.

It gives you a lot more useful information about the state of the battery and charging system compared to the standard assimilator unit, which looks for AC output from the alternator stator only.

Grant Tiller


Here’s the bike basking in the sunshine!

Grant Tiller


Here is the Wiring Diagram for Graham’s bike.

Custom Norton MK3 Commando Wiring Diagram – Graham Tiller PNG 3066×1841

Grant Tiller

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