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August 22, 2019

Norton Dominator 650ss Cafe Racer – Simplified Wiring Diagram

by Grant Tiller
Grant Tiller

This is a custom wiring diagram for the 650ss based Cafe Racer that my Dad and I have just finished building.

We wanted to keep the bike nice and simple, and go for the stripped out look, and to match, the wiring is nice and simple too.

It’s a custom loom and wiring job done by me all with modern connectors.


We have a Shorai Lithium Ion battery hidden up under the hump of the seat.

Grant Tiller

The battery is charged by a Lucas three phase alternator and Podtronics regulator/rectifier which is mounted to a big lump of aluminium (as a heatsink) between the fuel tank and seat – the fins are facing downwards, so you’ll get a decent airflow over it when riding.

Grant Tiller

The regulator/rectifier goes back to the battery via a dedicated 20 amp fuse.


We have a Key Switch (mounted under the seat) to switch on and off the electrics.

However, it’s a double pole switch – one side normally open and the other side normally closed, which means i have also used it as the kill switch for the magneto.

Grant Tiller


Grant Tiller

Instead of an Ammeter, we have used a Charge Warning Light, which is located by the Key Switch.

This is a great unit, which i got from – it’s a Tri-Color LED showing:

  • less than 11.1V = slow red flash
  • 11.1V – 12.6V = steady red
  • 12.6V – 15.4V = steady green
  • 15.4V – 16.1V = steady yellow
  • above 16.1V = eye catching yellow flash sequence

To be honest, with a decent alternator, a nice little lithium ion battery and the engine running totally independently off the Magneto, this is over engineered.


The lights turn on and off via a traditional Lucas 57SA toggle switch mounted on the headlight:

  • Off
  • Pilot Light
  • Dipped Beam

Then there’s a Wipac Ducon switch on the left handlebar to toggle between dipped beam and main beam.

It’s also the home of the Horn button.

Finally we’ve got the mandatory brake light switch, actuated on the foot brake.

Grant Tiller


Note – the bike is NEGATIVE EARTH and we’ve stickered under the fuel tank and under the seat as a reminder!

Grant Tiller


Here is the electrical wiring diagram for the bike:

Good Quality JPG 1280×905

Grant Tiller

High Quality PNG 3066×2168

Grant Tiller

Whilst I appreciate the bike is a one-off special, the diagram maybe useful for someone that is looking to build something similar.

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